Sometimes it takes more than a little liquid courage to stand up in front of a crowd and profess your happiness for the matrimony of a loved one. Being prepared when the moment arrives can be just what you need to ease the nerves. A well delivered and thoughtful speech leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately, so can a shaky and erratic one. Make sure that your toast is one to remember for good reason by purchasing this service!

*Includes downloadable file for printing! Tip: Frame a copy of the speech for a gift they are sure to cherish forever!

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Through a series of contact methods, we will work together to produce a light-hearted, yet meaningful, speech. By sharing memories, inside jokes, and your best wishes for their future, we will create a draft of the speech you will deliver. Together, we will create a speech that will be getting a toast in your name all night! 

This service also works great for parents, extended family, or anyone else that will be making a speech but is not in the wedding party!


• Detailed Questionnaire

• Direct Email Address Provided for Questions and/or Additions

• One 20-minute Personal Phone Call

• 1-2 Draft Revisions

• One Final Draft in Downloadable/Printable File in Easy-to-Read Font

• One Copy of Final Draft in Downloadable/Printable File in Choice of 1 of 3 Stylized Font Options

• Bonus: Downloadable File of Speech Delivery Tips!

*CONFIDENTIALITY GUARANTEED. Upon your request, no one will ever have to know I helped! Let me do all the work while you soak up all the glory!

*Minimum of 72-hour notice prior to purchasing, please! (Email directly for any possible exceptions. An additional fee may apply for rush orders.)

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