Letter to the Bride/Groom


Letter to the Bride/Groom


What better way to express your love before you say 'I do' than by leaving a letter the night before your big day for your bride or groom? Leave one last love letter before two becomes one by purchasing this service! Pair it with a book of photos or memories, a bottle of his or her favorite wine or spirit, or just as is! Together, we will create a beautiful gift that is sure to be cherished forever. 

* Includes printable downloadable file for printing convenience. Frame it for good keeping!

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Through a series of contact methods, this service provides a heartfelt letter and dedication to your love. Together, we will figure out the style and tone that best fits your relationship. Meaningful quotes, inside jokes, milestones, fond memories, and light-hearted breakthroughs are all examples of what will be used to make this a letter that doesn't just get tossed in a drawer with the Holiday cards. Express your love in written words for the last time before your BIG day in a gift that is sure to be cherished again and again.


• Detailed Questionnaire

• Direct Email Address Provided for Questions and/or Additions

• One 20-minute Personal Phone Call 

• 1-2 Draft Revisions

• One Final Draft in Downloadable/Printable File in Choice of 1 of 3 Stylized Font Options

• Bonus: List of Inspiring Love Quotes and Lyrics for Possible Inclusion!

*CONFIDENTIALITY GUARANTEED. Upon your request, no one will ever have to know I helped! Let me do all the work while you soak up all the glory!

*Minimum of 72-hour notice prior to purchasing, please! (Email services@charlotteslittleweb.com directly for any possible exceptions. An additional fee may apply for rush orders.)

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