Meet Tiffany.

Now that you know her name, let's talk about this girl's passion for all things beauty!  Tiffany has worked on movie sets, television studios AND a world-renowned film festival.  She has been in the industry for 11 years, is full of life, and ready to take on the world one contour at a time!

Charlotte's Little Web: The makeup world is a vast and exciting one.  How did you know you wanted to be a part of it?

Tiffany Hall BeautyI have a Bachelors in Theater so I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment field.  Afrer College I worked on my first Indie Film "A New Wave" with John Krasinski and Lacey Chabert, as a Asst. makeup Artist.  I was able to learn so much from the Key Artist, Angela Marinis, and finally look at makeup as a career!

Charlotte's Little Web: That's a nice gig for the start of a career!  Are there any other highlights in your career that are special to you?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: Wow--I have so many!

Working Sundance Film Festival with L'Oreal Paris for the first time was epic for me.  I had always dreamed of being there as a kid.  

I also loved what the festival represented.  Being able to be on camera, speaking about beauty, and representing a Brand I'm passionate about was surreal to me.  You can work with all the famous faces in the world--or be recognized with awards--but there's something about being able to share your tricks and passion with others that is really moving!

Charlotte's Little Web: Just attending the Sundance Film Festival is a dream of mine.  I cannot imagine how amazing it is to be behind the scenes!  So cool.

Are there any products you prefer to use on your clients?

Tiffany Hall BeautyThere are so many brands within my kit.

My cult favorites are L'Oreal Paris, Stila Cosmetics and Kiehls.  Depending on what I'm working on, or who my client is, I'll experiment with different brands.  I'm known for customizing products--basically being my own mixologists. If I can't find it out in the market, I create my own!

Charlotte's Little Web: I love that you create your own makeup cocktails!  That's how the best tricks are discovered, I'm sure.

Any particular product that is a must-have?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: Illuminizors--they give life to skin!

Charlotte's Little Web: Nice.  I'll have to pick one up!

When it comes to makeup styles, is there any you prefer for your clients or yourself?


Tiffany Hall BeautyI mean, who doesn't love some contour!?  But, I feel no matter what look you prefer, I always make sure it's polished, clean, and my clients skin is never caked-over. There's nothing more I love than a gorgeous glow and healthiness to a look.

My personal style is very simple, defined and I love a great glow to my skin.  And, of course, there's always room for contour!

Charlotte's Little Web: Yes, contouring is a miracle-worker.  I am forever on YouTube trying to learn it, but there are just some things to be left to the pros!

How do you gain the confidence of your clients when doing major events?

Tiffany Hall BeautyI celebrate who they are and how they look--flaws and all! I feel you have to place your ego aside and listen to they want.

Charlotte's Little Web:  What are common questions they have?  Any tips you suggest for them?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: Wrinkles, dark circles, even tone skin... They are always asking how to get rid of them.  

My first question for them is about skincare! Let's make sure we target are beauty concerns with a proper regimen and don't look to makeup as the "fix all." I LOVE facial oils and serums because they penetrate down deeper into the skin and are more concentrated.

Take your favorite foundation and mix a serum or oil into it to sheer it out, deliver hydration, and get a smoother finish while evening out the skin. One of my favorite eye creams is Yonka Phyto-Contour.  It contains Rosemary to help with puffiness and dark circles.

When it comes to wrinkles, well, I say embrace who you are and always be preventative.  Sunscreen is your best ant-aging defense!

Charlotte's Little Web: Yes!  My mom chased me around with sunscreen my whole life!  And I am definitely thanking her for it now.

Any tricks to maintain the look throughout the night?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: Hydrate, Prime, blot and don't cake on the powder!  Too much powder will cause your makeup to cake up. Using a Evian spray throughout the night keeps it fresh and resets the makeup giving a longer lasting effect too.

Charlotte's Little Web: How old were you when you started wearing makeup?  Remember any favorite pieces as a young girl?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: I was 13.  And definitely mascara!  I would sit at my vanity and be so amazed at how it gave me lashes I never knew I had.

Charlotte's LIttle Web: Any advice for teens who are just starting to wear makeup?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: Less is more! Enjoy your young, ageless skin and don't overdo it with tons of makeup.  Pick one feature to be expressive with.  Wether it's a purple liner or a bright lip color, just have fun with it!

Charlotte's Little Web: A fresh face is the best face, agreed!  

Let's talk inspiration.  Any makeup artist that you admire?  Or celebrity you'd like to get your brushes on?

Tiffany Hall BeautyWell, if anyone knows me well they know it's Beyoncé!  Her beauty and confidence exudes through her and through her makeup!  As for makeup artists: Francesca Tolot is my idol! She can transform anyone.

Charlotte's Little Web: I love me some Yoncé too!

And why do you, personally, love makeup?

Tiffany Hall Beauty: It's who I am.

I still feel beautiful wearing no makeup at all, that is the beauty of it.  I wear makeup because I want it to express my mood or bring out certain features. It's so fun to be creative and what better canvas than your own.

Charlotte's Little Web: I love that answer!  Wearing makeup is an expression, not an identity.

Last but not least:  Any final advice for makeup lovers?

Tiffany Hall BeautyBe true to what you love and who you are.  Don't just try a "trend" just because or wear mascara because your friends do.  Be your own trendsetter and remember that makeup is to bring out your inner-self, not hide it!  Be Beautiful.  Be Confident.  Be you.

1. What's your lucky number? 5 becuase that's how many states I've lived in.

2. What is your guilty pleasure? Hot Tamales!

3. What makes you feel sexy? My hair when it's all curled and teased!

4. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who would it be? Beyoncé.  Who wouldn't want to be on stage with their own hair fan that blows your hair perfectly everywhere you go?!

5. It's 12 o'clock on a Friday night, where are you? If it's cold out...curled up in bed!

6. What book, movie title, or television series best describes your love life? How I met your Mother because Lilly and Marshall remind me of my husband and I.

7. What #hashtag, or social media slang, drives you crazy? #cray--I just can't with it!

8. Any superstitions? Yes, I love to Smudge my home, room, anywhere with Sage to clear out negative energy.

9. If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it look like? Something comfortable and slimming!  Lol.  Probably black leggings and a boho top.

10.  Dog Collector or Cat Lady? Cat lady.

11. Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Mayo.

12. Penthouse in the city or farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? I'm a inner country girl, so farmhouse.

13. It's your last meal.  What's on your plate? Mexican!!!!!! My fave.

Want to know more about Tiffany Hall Beauty?  

Here are her contacts: Website, Instagram, Twitter.


Meet Coral.

Now that you her know the name, let's talk about why you need to be reading this girl's blog!  She is a free spirited, country music loving, Gilmore Girls obsessed, open book and over all full of life.  She also happens to be an excellent source of knowledge for all things blogging.  Read on to hear more about all the crazy and fun things going on in Coral's Country

Charlotte's Little Web: So, your blog is awesome.  It is filled with a ton of useful (& funny) information on the blog world.  When did you decide to start your own?

Coral's Country: I have been blogging since fall of 2011. It started out as a requirement for a Publications/Journalism class in college. Ever since then I’ve been working on it. The last two years are when I’ve really started to enhance/grow/focus more on my blog. I’ve always loved writing and stuck with it by blogging because it was an outlet to share my story with the world.

Charlotte's Little Web: It is the ultimate outlet, for sure!  What do your posts usually focus on?  Any favored topics?

Coral's CountryMe. Haha! But really.

My life has been quite the roller coaster ride the last few years--especially since I graduated college in May, 2013. I’ve moved from Iowa to Nashville to Colorado to Wyoming within 12 months. I like writing about my travels and experiences and living the single life as a dreamer with a gypsy soul. I like to put my humorous and sarcastic twist on the mundane mini-adventures of my daily life. I also like to throw in tidbits about country music since that’s where a huge part of my passion lies. I also fancy a fun link-up every now and then.

Charlotte's Little Web: Moving that many times in the span of a single year?  Uh, yeah, I'd say that would make for some interesting adventures!  

Do you ever find it difficult to share your personal experiences so publically?

Coral's Country: The simple answer is no.

I am a very open, unfiltered and rather sarcastic book. I appreciate being open and honest because I see no reason not to be. Along with that though, I share what I feel comfortable sharing. I try to stick with topics that allow me to share and reflect on my own experiences while hopefully helping someone out [or at least giving them a laugh] along the way.

Charlotte's Little Web: I think the fact that you are an open book is such a lovely characteristic.  It takes bravery and it translates really well on your blog!

How do you balance your blog life and your personal life?

Coral's Country: Since it’s just me, there really isn’t an issue with balance.

There is an issue with procrastination sometimes. Because I’m so all over the place and have zero routine in my life, it’s sometimes hard for me to stick to a regular posting schedule. While I do go on lots of mini-adventures, without work and an income or anyone I know, I go days at a time without doing much. Thankfully, this is all about to change.

The thing about balancing life and blogging is you actually have to go out and live your life in order to be able to sit down and write about it.

I try to make sure blogging adds to my life experiences, not take away from them.

Charlotte's Little Web: That's such a fantastic way of looking at blogging!  It should definitely be adding to your life, not subtracting from it.

What are some of the day-to-day things that inspire your posts?

Coral's CountryI think the little things are important. There’s something beautiful to be found in everyday. Even the sucky ones. I get inspiration from cruising down backroads, wide open skies, coffee shops, music and positive people.

Charlotte's Little Web: All excellent sources.  I think it's easy for bloggers to forget that there doesn't have to be a rock concert in your backyard to make a post interesting.  

So, what about your readers?  What kind of person do you think you relate to most? 

Coral's CountryI’d like to think my readers are a lot like me.

Dreamers, gypsy souls, wanderers. Passionate and positive and outgoing. Deep, but lighthearted. And of course, sarcastic. I’m the most positive/negative person I know, but I try to see the good through the bad and remain strong when I feel weak. If are you reading my story I hope you can relate to it. Or at least laugh at it with me.

Maybe they’re not in a position to travel and roam about like I do, but I hope that my story can give them inspiration to maybe one day do the same or at least to dream about it. If I could have all my readers sitting on tailgates around a bonfire with a Dean Martin look-a-like personal bartender and a private concert from Miranda and Keith, than I would be in H-E-A-V-E-N.

Charlotte's Little Web: Oh, I love me some Miranda too!  Your ideal reader sounds awesome.

Any blogs that are a must-follow for you?

Coral's Country: I have followed Living in Yellow since the beginning. She’s one that I regularly go back to because she has built a readership and a business and a following from scratch. She is hilarious and beautiful and makes the most of her life. And she always has the cutest layouts. Bella, Helene, Tay and Meg are a few more. I also recently created Coral’s Corral because I love finding people who express their lives through their blogs--just like me. And you :) You can find all of them here. Us bloggers have a kinship and gotta stick together. These bloggers are funny and great writers and interesting and they keep me coming back for more!

Charlotte's Little Web: Helene is also a favorite of mine!  I will definitely be checking out the others.

So, it happens to all of us: Writer's Block.  How do you deal?

Coral's CountryWriter’s block or ‘blogger’s block’ as I like to call it is a pain in the you-know-what.

When I get stuck I close my computer, go outside, read a book or Netflix for hours on hours. (Isn’t it cool how we use Netflix as a verb? Or maybe that’s just me). Anywho.. I got the best advice from my AP English teacher in high school. She used to say when you write your first draft, just write to write. No editing, no holds bar--just write the words as they come to you. Then put it in the bottom drawer and walk away from it. Come back later or in the morning and start again. Refreshed.

Now I don’t actually print off my posts, but I’ll draft them and then walk away. When I’m ready, I come back refreshed and recharged and ready to focus. I also try to write down my various ideas, but forget to check on them regularly. I have a lot of great ideas sitting in my draft folder. Those are always good to come back to if you’re looking for new material.

Charlotte's Little Web: I agree.  Sometimes you just have to get out of the house in order to get back in your mind.

If someone asked for your best piece of advice before starting their own blog, what would it be?

Coral's CountryFunny you should ask because I just did a two-parter on this very topic (one and two).

The best piece of advice I would give would be to just go for it and don’t compare. It’s your life, your story, your blog.

Someone else will always have their life, their story, their blog. Our lives were meant to be connected to one another, not compared. It’s tough not to get jealous or envious of all the other stuff you see out there, but it is so crucial to your own happiness. To appreciate what you have and to tell the story you want to tell-the way you want to tell it-that’s what it’s about.

Charlotte's Little Web: Yes!  Authenticity is key to a great blog.  Couldn't agree more!

Let's talk celebs for a sec.  Which one would you LOVE to hear reads your blog?

Coral's Country: Miranda. Freaking. Lambert.

She is my idol, my inspiration, my spirit diva. I love her and she has inspired me so much through her music and attitude and artistry. If she saw how much I talked about her on my blog or how much she’s inspired me, it’d mean the world to me. Her and her music have given me wings and dreams and so much more. I could never thank her enough. Also, I wouldn’t mind if Keith Urban, Eric Church, The Gilmore Girls or that cast of The Office or Criminal Minds stumbled across my space [not to be confused with MySpace]. They mean more to me than humanly acceptable.

Charlotte's Little Web:  Spirit diva-- I love it!

Last question:  How would you say blogging has affected your life?

Coral's CountryBlogging has brought me more trials and triumphs than I ever thought possible.

It has also allowed me to be inspired and connected by others and their stories. It’s has helped me to not feel so alone when I often do. Blogging has helped me to find my voice and express it accordingly.

It’s been an up and down journey but it's provided me with a lot of growth and reflection as a person first and a blogger second.

I’m so appreciative of the people I’ve met and connected with and learned from along the way. There’s something special about the bloggy world and the people that inhabit it. I’m just happy to have a place in it and hope I leave it, like this world, a little brighter than when I found it.


1. What's your lucky number? 10. And I honestly have no clue why. It’s been my favorite since I can remember and I made it my sports jersey number whenever possible. 

2. What is your guilty pleasure? Coffee. And chocolate. And beer. And Netflix. And owning seasons 1 and 2 of Laguna Beach. I know, I know.

3. What makes you feel sexy? My cowgirl boots. And camo. 

4. If you could switch lives with someone for a day who would it be? MIRANDAfreakingLAMBERT because she is my spirit diva. I would love to live a day in her shoes. Perform, run the Pink Pistol and Ladysmith, kiss Blake Shelton [to keep it PG] and basically just be a badass. I mean helloooooo, need I say more??

5. It's 12 o'clock on a Friday night, where are you? Out doing shots of Fireball. Or doing loads of laundry. I live a complex life.

6. What book, movie title, or television series best describes your love life? Yes Please, Morning Glory and Gilmore Girls. I just had to go for all three.

7. What #hashtag, or social media slang, drives you crazy? Bae. I use it but yes, it toats drives me cray cray. 

8. Do you have a particular superstition that you still follow? I don’t do odd numbers of anything, I never grab the first item off the shelf (if I can help it) and I have a dream catcher in my car.

9. If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it look like? Leggings, boots and a big comfy sweater. 

10. Dog Collector or Cat Lady? I have zero pets but WILL own a husky one day! I prefer dogs, but if cats are around I probably won’t kick them. 

11. Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Ranch.

12. Penthouse in the city or farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? Farmhouse all the way. Out in the wide open spaces where I have lots of room to make my big mistakes ;)

13. It's your last meal.  What's on your plate? Chicken Alfredo pasta, pizza, Applebee’s Honey BBQ boneless wings, Auntie Annie’s pretzels, pickle wraps, ice cream and coffee in an IV. And something fried from the Iowa State Fair.

Wanna spend more time in Coral's Country?  Here are a few of her contacts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.


Meet Kira Dimartino.

Now that you know her name, let's talk about why this professional dancer & choreographer is still at the top of her game after 20+ years in the dance world.  With no plans of stopping, this talented & inspiring instructor is ready to gracefully leap into the next level her industry has to offer.  Thankfully, she wants to take young, aspiring dancers with her.

Charlotte's Little Web: Dancing is obviously not something new to you.  In fact, it's your LIFE.  How did you get into dance?

Kira: When I was 7 years old, I was enrolled into dance by the recommendation of a doctor.  I had some major turnout issues with my hips and feet and he suggested it as a helpful solution.  He was right.

Charlotte's Little Web: Obviously.  You carry yourself so well!  

When did you know that this wasn't just going to be something you did after school once in awhile?

Kira: From the very first day, I just knew that it was for me.  It came naturally and I remember thinking that this would be something I would always want to do.  Then once I joined the company class at my studio, it sealed the deal.

I also became one of the few company dancers to be allowed to instruct warm-ups and the chance to choreograph on a higher level.  I was always willing to practice with the other dancers and they turned to me with a lot of their questions, even some that were older.  It was an honor.

Charlotte's Little Web: I bet!  Were there any particular accomplishments or milestones you achieved that began to help your career stand out?

Kira: I was awarded Student Choreographer of the Year by so and so and that has always held a special place in my heart.  I was a Phoenix Suns Dancer when I was 18 and 19 which was so much fun.  Oh, and now my daughter is on the Phoenix Suns Dance Kids squad and she loves it!

I also danced professionally for Royal Carribean Cruises.  That was really neat because I got the chance to travel in a cool way and do what I love.

Oh, and I auditioned to dance in Super Bowl XXX and made it.  I got to wear a cow vest and dance my heart out.  It was awesome.

Charlotte's Little Web: Super Bowl, dancing AND a cow vest?  Yep.  That would be listed as my #1 accomplishment.

What is the general reaction you get from people when you tell them you dance for a living?  Any labels you'd like to clear up?

Kira: Well, everyone thinks it means I am an exotic dancer which is pretty hilarious.  That kind of thing just comes with the title, you've just gotta laugh it off.  Honestly though, most people respond positively.  They think it's cool that I get paid to do something I that I love.  I think it's cool, too.

Charlotte's Little Web:  Hell yeah, it is.  You're living your dream.  That's amazing!

So, what is the style of dance that you prefer for yourself?

Kira: Lyrical.  Which, surprisingly, a lot of people are unfamiliar with.  While growing up, my mom listened to a lot of Barbra Streisand and Jane Arden whose songs are esssentially love balads with a lot of emotion and sadness.  These moves always came easiest for me.  It's a style of dance that tells a story.  I love it.

Charlotte's Little Web: And where do you find inspiration for your dances?

Kira: Mainly from the music.  Whenever  a great song comes on, I can almost instantly imagine the moves and dancers I would use.  I immediately know I want to use the song because of it's personality.  I am constantly looking for good music.

Charlotte's Little Web: What about people.  Who is influential to your personal dancing?

Kira: Definitely John Crutchman.  We met on an elevator after I had just taken a class of his and he told me how beautiful my dancing was and that he had never seen someone react to his teachings with such emotion the way that I did.  We worked together after that and he told me that I had made him feel a way that none of his other students had.  To have someone like him believe in you that much is inspiring on its own.  Especially at such a young age.

A huge inspiration to my choreography is Travis Wall.  He is just hands down the most amazing choreographer that there is out there today.

Charlotte's Little Web: What about celebrities?  Tell us who you think has the smoothest moves in Hollywood.

Kira: I love me some Beyonce.  I'm not sure she has the smoothest moves but she's got a big booty so that helps.  Definitley Britney cIirca 1999.  She was killin' it in the I'm a Slave for You days.  Oh and Usher can definitely work it.

Charlotte's Little Web: Brit-Brit is my girl!  I think we all pretended to have a python around our necks in front of the mirror at some point.  Shoot, I still do.  Don't judge!

Any dance styles that you'd rather not partake in again?

Kira: This is going to sound ridiculous, but, clogging for sure.  No offense to all of you out there in the clogger world!  Don't hate me, I got love for you.  It's just that it was what my first judging competition was based on in the middle of nowhere Texas and I had no idea what to say when they are done.  I am sure there is a lot to be said about the art of clogging, I am just not the one to say it.

Charlotte's Little Web:  That's it.  You've done it now.  Cloggers everywhere are going to attack you.

Kira: I know, right?  Don't do it-- I'm Sorry!

Charlotte's Little Web: Let's talk about your mini-me.  Your daughter is an amazing dancer too.  She obviously has a great teacher, but, how do you balance being her instructor and her mom?

Kira: This is something I think about constantly!  It really is a struggle but it has become something I think I am doing pretty well with.  When we get home, it is not about dance.  We do fun things and build our mother daughter relationship.  That is really important to me. 

However, if she comes to me and wants to work on something then I am 100% there for her.  I am blessed that she loves to dance as much as I do.  It has to be her decision.  I love helping her as a teacher but I will always be her mom first.

Charlotte's Little Web: Preach, girl!  That's so good to hear!  Especially because there so many negative stereotypes about dance moms now thanks to reality TV.

What would be your advice to any moms who are, or are going to be, considered a dance mom?  How do they avoid becoming those stereotypes?

Kira: Trust your teachers and trust your children!  Know that there will be tough times and even nights when they come home in tears, but you just need to know this industry takes hard work.  And, if you have the right instructor, it comes from a place of love.  We are fighting for them as much as you are.

Charlotte's Little Web: What would you say is the most positive characteristic your daughter, or any child for that matter, can gain by becoming a dancer?

Kira: Confidence!  It's in everything from public speaking to social interaction, confidence is the biggest thing to gain and can be used in every area of their lives.

Oh, and you get to learn how to do the splits.  And that's always a cool trick.

Charlotte's Little Web: Yes, the splits always gets the party started!

You can tell, just from the way you speak about dance, how incredibly passionate you are about it.  In what ways do you think becoming a dancer and choreographer has impacted your life the most?

Kira: I feel like the fact that I get to reach out and touch so many different kids' lives is such a blessing.  I really believe it is the reason why God has given me this gift. This isn't just something I do, it's something I love and believe in.  My students know that they can come to me with anything, dance related or not, I am there for them.  I love that they trust me enough to do that and know that I will always support them.  Making them better, inspiring them and strengthening their talent is what I am here for.

1. What's your lucky number? My lucky is 11... Because it's more fun to be number one twice

2. What's your guilty pleasure? A glass of wine... or three.

3. What makes you feel sexy? I feel sexiest after a glass of wine with my hair looking real good and a group of baseball players nearby. 

4. If you could switch lives with someone for a day (alive, deceased, or fictional), who would it be? Beyoncé.  I'd love to be a famous, fun and awesome singer who could put on a show for hundreds of thousands of people and then go home and rap with Jay-Z!

5. It's 12 o'clock on a Friday night, where are you? I've usually just landed in a different state ready to teach a different group of girls how to dance.  Crazy, I know!

6. What book, movie title, or television series best describes your love life? The movie title that best describes my love life is Failure to Launch.. Haha.  I haven't quite figured out the whole love thing yet.

7. What #hashtag or social media slang drives you crazy? Almost all social media slang drives me crazy!  I am getting old and do not know what a lot of it means!! It took me a whole year to find out what #Yolo meant.

8. Any superstitions? I'm very superstitious about my gum karma.  Anytime I throw out gum on the street, I always end up stepping in it or it ends up all over my stuff.  

9. If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it look like?   Cutoff jean shorts, Tory Burch flip-flops, a hot tank top and a bikini underneath.

10. Dog collector or Cat Lady? I am a dog collector and a cat lady.  Throw in a camel, a squirrel, a horse or whatever and I will love it!

11. Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Absolutely no mayonnaise or Miracle Whip!  I'm a ride or die mustard chick.

12. Penthouse in the city or farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? Penthouse in the city all the way.  Give me tall buildings and an artsy surrounding and life seems perfect.

13. It's your last meal.  What's on your plate? Give me some filet mignon, grilled chicken, all the different kinds of potatoes, a candy bar and a frozen yogurt station.

Wanna to know more about Kira?

Here are her contacts: Facebook, Instagram and Adage Dance Studios.


Meet Sarah Marcotte.

Now that you know her name, let's talk about what makes this makeup artist a true beauty, inside as well as out, and a total Blogworthy Babe.

Charlotte's Little Web: You were a full-time teacher before you fully committed your career to makeup and skincare.  What inspired the change of heart?

Sarah: During my fifth year of teaching elementary school I realized that I wanted to be in an occupation that was more artistic and expressive.  I also I loved doing friends makeup and seeing how beautiful they felt afterwards. To make someone feel their best is the most amazing thing.

Charlotte's Little Web: That must be an amazing feeling!  Are there any moments in your career that you are particularly proud of?

Sarah: A couple of years ago I got the chance to work on set with a world-renowned photographer, Clay Blackmore.  His work was published in a high fashion magazine and my name was accredited on the photos.  It made me feel like a true professional at that point. It's so neat to see your name in print for the work you are proud of.

Also, making the move to Salon Chic and becoming self-employed was a huge milestone for me. It is the best decision I have ever made. I love having the freedom of being my own boss.

Charlotte's Little Web: Independent woman!  I like it.  Beyonce would be proud.  So are there any brands you are particularly loving or can't live without?  Help a sister out.

Sarah: Honestly, my makeup kit consists of so many different brands of makeup! I do favorMakeup Forever because it has such a high pigment in it's colors and lasts the longest on the skin. I also love Too Faced, NARS and MAC.

As for skincare my regimen is PCA. Their products are so great and highly concentrated, so you only need a little and it goes a long way.

Charlotte's Little Web: And the one you can't live without?

SarahToo faced "better than sex" mascara! It is my absolute fave. It will change your world.

Charlotte's Little Web: Better than sex?  Consider it already in my next Sephora shopping basket.  So, what styles do you love creating for your clients or on yourself?

Sarah: I love a natural toned eye and bold lip. Very classic. Winged liner, done right of course, never goes out of style.  I love the pin-up style era of makeup.

On myself, I love a natural eye and bold lip. I use a lot of browns and coppers to make my green eye color stand out. And you will never catch me without a red or hot pink lipstick on.

Charlotte's Little Web: And you wear it well!  Katy Perry, eat your heart out.

Charlotte's Little Web: On a skincare note, what are the most common questions you get from your clients?

Sarah: I get a lot of questions about waxing and the pain level of waxing. I always let my clients know that I use the most sensitive , hypoallergenic , stripless wax on the market. I also try my best to always make my clients feel completely comfortable with me and walk them through every step of the process.

Charlotte's Little Web: Well, coming from someone who you gave their first ever Brazilian to, you do a great job of keeping the atmoshpere comfortable and the client informed.  (Yep, she took my Brazilian virginity...& I played hard to get!) 

So, what about makeup questions?  How can clients reach you for those?

Sarah: Best way to reach me for those is on my Facebook business page Makeup by Marcotte.

Charlotte's Little Web:  Let's throw it back for a second.  How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?

Sarah: I think I was allowed to have simple eyeshadow and mascara in 8th grade.

Charlotte's Little Web: Do you remember what your favorite piece of makeup was?

Sarah: Lip smackers, of course!  I had every flavor imaginable!!

Charlotte's Little Web: Me too!  So, now that you are all grown up, what would your best makeup advice be for teenagers?

Sarah: Less is more! You have your whole life to get glammed up so take it easy right now. I see so many young girls wanting to do the bold eyes and contouring. Experimenting at home is fun and creative, so keep doing that!  But my advice would be to keep it at home until you are a little older.

Charlotte's Little Web: I couldn't agree more!  My mom used to hide my eyeliner from me... and I wish I hadn't found it until I was 18!  A fresh face looks best on young girls.  I wish they could learn to appreciate it more!

So, if you were going to highlight just one feature, which is most important in your opinion?

Sarah: I'm a huge believer in making people's eyes stand out. Eyes are the windows to the soul, right ? I think that every persons eyes, no matter what shape, can be turned into a sultry or even just a clean and simple look.

Also, eyebrows are SO important. If you don't fill yours in with even just a little bit of powder , then you should start. They are the frame of your face , the coverings to your beautiful windows... they are crucial!  I'm not talking drawn on fake looking brows, but something like brow powder that is simple and helps them stand out is key to your makeup look.

Charlotte's Little Web: Truth!  There are some very, umm, interesting brows out there.  I wish more women understood the importance of getting them professionally done!

Now, let's talk about wedding makeup.  You do a lot!  How do you gain the trust of so many brides on their BIG day?

Sarah: I always do a trial with the bride long before their wedding day. This run through consists of us talking about the look they are wanting to achieve , what the most important features on their pretty faces are that they are wanting show off, as well as what features they would prefer to be more "hidden".  After the trial, they are able to wear the makeup all day and take pictures of it to see what they love and the things they may also not love and want changed for the big day.

I always let my clients know that I want them to be completely honest with me and tell me anything they want changed.  I am working for them.  I want them to be the happiest they can be.

Charlotte's Little Web: Well, it sounds like they have all been in very professional hands!  Once you have finished their makeup for the wedding, what is your advice to the bride to maintain the look throughout the night?

Sarah: Oil absorbing blotting sheets are going to be your best friend on your wedding day! The airbrush foundation that I use lasts all day and night.  So a little blot for any oil will be all they need to do to maintain their flawless skin.

Charlotte's Little Web: You can tell that you are in love with what you do.  I love the passion!  What other artists inspire your work?

Sarah: I have learned so much from watching other artists work.  Anytime I see someone else's work I get inspired in some way. Whether it be a famous makeup artist or the girls I work with at the salon. There is always constant growth and learning to be done. I love work by makeup artists like Julie Hewett and Pat McGrath.  Also, my makeup instructor Corrina Bertram is a huge inspiration to me.

Charlotte's Little Web:  And what about you.  Why do you love makeup?

Sarah: It makes me feel beautiful to have makeup on and I am a true believer that first impressions are key.  No one wants to use a makeup artist or aesthetician that doesn't have good makeup on or great skincare habits.  The biggest reason I love makeup is that it is FUN!

Charlotte's Little Web: I agree!  If you're not having fun with your makeup, you're not doing it right.

Now, what would be your one piece of helpful beauty advice to girls and women reading this?

Sarah: Always use a primer on your face and an eyeshadow primer on your lids. It helps your makeup stay on all day. And never forget to wash your face at night. Healthy skin is the first part of having a great makeup look!

1.  What's your lucky number? 23.  Everytime I look at a digital clock it always seems to end in 23, so it just became my favorite number.

2.  What is your guilty pleasure? Chips and salsa and margaritas. And maybe some bad reality tv every now and then.

3.  What makes you feel sexy? Being healthy. Working out, eating as clean as possible & always having a good red or pink lipstick on. 

4.  If you could switch lives with someone for a day (alive, deceased, or fictional), who would it be and why? Marilyn Monroe.  Yes, I know, she had her ups and downs and a hard life. But I love how gorgeous she was and how she exuded confidence and beauty and sexiness. I would love to see how it felt to have the entire world admiring you.

5.  It's 12 o'clock on a Friday night, where are you? Probably in bed fast asleep.  This girl's Friday nights aren't very exciting anymore.  And I like to be well-rested for wedding makeup on Saturday mornings.

6.  What book, movie title, or television series best describes your love life? Serendipity.  It means "pleasant surprise" and my boyfriend and I reconnected after going to high school together 17 years ago.

7.  What #hashtag, or social media slang, drives you crazy? Bae!  I can't stand it.  I mean , why not just add one more syllable and say baby.

8.  Do you have a particular superstition that you still follow? Knocking on wood.  I do it all of the time.

9.  If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it look like?  Probably some comfy leggings, a cute top and some boots.  Although I would burn up in Arizona for most of the year, it seems to be what I feel best in.  And I could still get some yoga done in those leggings as well!

10.  Dog Collector or Cat Lady? Dogs most definitely ! I only have one right now but would have more if I didn't have such a busy schedule.

11.  Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Neither.  I'm just a plain mustard girl.

12.  Penthouse in the city or farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? 5 years ago I would have said the penthouse in the city.  I grew up on a farm and would most definitely love to raise my kids that same way on day.  I do love the city but I am a farmgirl at my roots.

13.  It's your last meal.  What's on your plate? Cafe Zamoras bean burrito, some of my grandpas mashed potatoes, peanut butter and my boyfriend's homemade espresso icecream.  And a really good margarita.

Want to get to know Sarah more?  Here are her contacts:

FacebookInstagramMakeup by Marcotte.

For all consulations and appointments, please call Salon Chic at (623) 536-8113.


Meet Danae Darland.  (& her husband, Billy.)

Now that you know her name, let's talk about why this blogger of Monograms & Parachutes is as down-to-earth as she is pretty.  She's the total package when it comes to being a wife, a stepmomma & a Blogworthy Babe.

Charlotte's Little Web: First, I'd like to say I love the blog.  Your tell it like it is writing style is one of my personal favorites.

What inspired you to start blogging?

Danae: My friend Mallory from the blog Mal Smiles inspired me.  We were in Richmond visiting her and I was asking her a bunch of questions about it and a few weeks after that is when i started.

Charlotte's Little Web: Nice.  Are there certain topics you tend to write about more than others?  What can readers expect on the blog?

Danae: I really like to blog about things I'm going through in my life.  It's always nice to get feedback from others and sometimes you get to connect with someone whose been through something similar.

Charlotte's Little Web: Is it ever difficult to share your personal experiences so publicly?

Danae: There have been a few times where that "publish button" has been really hard to push but it's all been worth it in the end. 

Charlotte's Little Web: Agreed!  Sometimes I have to shut off my computer and take a long shower after releasing a tough post.  But I've never regretted it!

So, how do you balance your personal life with your blog life?

Danae: Lately, that has been hard and my blog has been taking the back burner because of it but I'm slowly balancing things out again. It was harder when I was working the two jobs but now I'm back down to one.

Charlotte's Little Web: Jugglig a family, a job, dogs AND a blog?  Yeah, I can see how it could be tough!

So, where do you find inspiration for your posts?

Danae: I get inspiration from a lot of random places.  Sometimes I'll watch stories on sportscenter and it'll inspire me to write something.  It inspired something just the other day.  Also my personal life is a big influence in what I write.  I'm a stepmom which has proven to have a lot of content in it and as well as just being married and supporting Billy in his army career.

Charlotte's Little Web: What kind of audience do you think your blog attracts most?

Danae: I think I'm really relatable to a lot of different people so I don't think that there would be any certain type. I think that's one of the most special parts about blogging is that it lets you come in contact and connect with all kinds of different people. 

Charlotte's Little Web: Yep!  It's all about relating to others on some level for me, as well!

If you could give someone who wanted to start a blog one piece of advice, what would it be?

Danae: Really think about what you want your voice to be and who you want your blog to be geared towards and take your time. 

Charlotte's Little Web: Any blogs in particular that you love?

Danae: I haven't read blogs in quite sometime, but one of my favorites is Mal Smiles.  It's one of my best friends who was also a bridesmaid in my wedding and I just love all her fitness tips and of course drooling over her adorable new baby. 

Charlotte's Little Web: It happens to us all: Any tips for writers block?

Danae: I'm still trying to figure that one out for myself!

Charlotte's Little Web: Ha. Join the club!  I'm right there with you.

And, last but not least: If you could get your blog into the hands of one celebrity, who would it be?

Danae: Chelsea Handler.  Because she would love me and we would become besties.

1.  What's your lucky number? I dont really know if I have a lucky number but one I've always gravitated towards is 23.  I couldn't really say why either.

2.  What is your guilty pleasure? Wine before noon, occasionally ;) and reality TV.  All the housewives, the teen moms and The Kardashians but really only Khloe.  As a server my days off are usually a random wednesday or a Monday, so if I have everything done I needed to get done, then I'll pour myself a glass and indulge.

3.  What makes you feel sexy? An awesome hair day.  My motto for hair is the more the merrier and the bigger the better.  I love having my hair all done up and Billy (my husband) loves it too.

4.  If you could switch lives with someone for a day (alive, deceased, or fictional), who would it be and why? Britney Spears. For a few reasons: A) She's Britney Bitch! B) I would kinda want to see just how crazy her life really is.

5.  It's 12 o'clock on a Friday night, where are you? Either I've gotten off work already and am at home watching TV with the hubbs or I'm getting ready to leave work.

6.  What book, movie title, or television series best describes your love life? Sex and the City.  Billy and I are a lot like Carrie and Big.  You know, with the back and forth and 10 years of it.  Throw in an ex wife, me moving away and, finally, him realizing what was good for him all along and there you'll have us.

7.  What #hashtag, or social media slang, drives you crazy? Bae.  I don't know why it drives me crazy, but it just does!

8.  Do you have a particular superstition that you still follow? No real superstitions.  Although I do still believe in pulling apart wishbones on Thanksgiving. 

9.  If you had to pick one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, what would it look like? If I had to choose one, it would be my dark leggings, a nice tanktop and a sweater over it.  It would be versatile enough for all occasions & who doesn't love a good pair of leggings?

10.  Dog Collector or Cat Lady? Dogs all the way.  My husband and I are both allergic to cats, plus dogs are just more fun to love on.

11.  Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? Miracle Whip.  I know it's the same concept but seeing 5-gallon tubs of mayonnaise dumped out to make various things in restaurants I've worked at has really just ruined it for me.  Plus, it's just nasty.

12.  Penthouse in the city or farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? Farmhouse, definitely.  Billy and I would both agree on that one.  My perfect day is sitting out on the porch and just listening to the quiet.  You can't do that in the city.

13.  It's your last meal.  What's on your plate? Steak, medium rare with A1.  Also, spaghettio's, corn on the cob, and Jack in the Box tacos... Only because we don't have them where we are in North Carolina.

Wanna to know more about Danae?  

Here are her contacts: Monograms & Parachutesfacebook & Instagram.