5 Reasons Why Dressing Rooms Are The Devil

Excuse me.  Which way are the dressing rooms?

This has to be one of my least favorite questions I get the pleasure of asking at least twice a month.  I have recently come to the conclusion that last minute shopping trips are the worst kind out there.  This kind of trip is not to be confused with what we call 'surprise' shopping trips either.  Surprise shopping is a glorious thing.

How to Stay a Girl's-Girl & Still Hang with the Boys

LADIES.  There is a divide among us that desperately needs to be addressed.  It is none other than the great battle of girly-girls vs guys-girls.  And I hope you'll join me in putting a stop to this lame war.  

We all know or have known two types of girls in our lives.  The first is the classic girly-girl.  This pinky-in-the-air princess loves shopping just as much as she hates football.

Not JUST a Waitress

Not JUST a Waitress

I was a senior in high school when I was watching this season (for probably the 1,000th time) with a fabulous friend of mine who was a few years older than me and happened to be a waitress.  I remember thinking to myself, 'Damn, that sucks.  You can even look like Jennifer Aniston and the job still doesn't cut it.  Thank God I'll never have to be a waitress..'  

Hey, can someone pass the salt for this plate of irony I am being served?  

Love, Rants & Raves

1. Don't be so mean to Monday.  Someone's gotta have the balls to start the week.  You sure don't see Friday taking one for the team.  So what if everyone awaits his arrival and he gives you the last happy hour before your full priced weekend 

and people thank God for him on a weekly basis and he justifies blasting *NSYNC's 'Just Got Paid' and smells like sweet sweet freedom. . .

Love, Rants & Raves: Summer Edition

1. Summer has arrived.  All girls with cute feet and newly graduated Jenny Craig's rejoice.  All gals with more to love and pterodactyl toes.. well.. get creative.  October weather and closed toe shoes are only 5 months away.  Yikes.

2.  Ladies, ladies, ladies.  Your bikini is way cute and I totally agree that trendy neon shades look fab on you! BUT

Love, Rants & Raves

1.  Secrets don't make friends. . Unless you aren't around friends who can't know the secret.  Then they make great friends.

2. So what if your fellow employee (who you have helped out a time too many) is going to give you the cold shoulder for not switching them a solid shift. You work hard.  Keep your Friday night.  I promise they will be able to reschedule their dog's acupuncture appointment.

Love, Rants & Raves: Summertime

1. Some classic Snoop Dizzle will make any summer day twice as bright. So lean back the seat of your car, guide the steering wheel with one hand (10 and 2 is not very gangster) and Laaayyy back. Oh and go ahead and put your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

2. Plan an adult pool party. That's right, no kiddie pools allowed. Slab some steaks on the grill and indulge in your favorite sugar rimmed summer cocktail. Get tipsy. Get a tan. And have a drunken game of marco polo with your besties.

Love, Rants & Raves

1. Rub-a-dub-dub in your tub. Whip out the candles, epsom salts, bubble bath and your rubber ducky. Get serious about your bath time. Send your boyfriend/hubby out for a beer with the boys (I'm sure he won't be too upset about that) and drop the kids off at your mama's house for a couple hours so you can make room for some you time. Turn on a solid playlist and drink wine in your tub until you are a certified prune.

Love, Rants & Raves

1.  Celebrate Life.  That is what I'm suggesting for you as well as me.  In fact, let's talk about things we can celebrate.

2. Celebrate your body. Stop calling yourself a fat cow. Seriously, stop it. Right now.  You're body is capable of some pretty incredible things and it really doesn't need your potty mouth constantly yelling at it while it's trying to get you through the day.  Shame on you.