Love, Rants & Raves


1.  Celebrate Life.  That is what I'm suggesting for you as well as me.  In fact, let's talk about things we can celebrate.

2. Celebrate your body. Stop calling yourself a fat cow. Seriously, stop it. Right now.  You're body is capable of some pretty incredible things and it really doesn't need your potty mouth constantly yelling at it while it's trying to get you through the day.  Shame on you.

3. Celebrate your country.  Be patriotic for a change.  You don't have to go tattoo the American flag on your chest but maybe really pay attention to the words of the pledge and let your chest swell with some pride.  Maybe let a soldier go in front of you in the grocery line or simply thank them for the risk they are taking or have taken on our behalf.  Whether you agree with the war or not you should still have the decency to respect those who put their lives on the line for yours.

4. Celebrate our world!  Spend the day outside and admire the weather, whatever it may be.  Go on a walk and pick up any trash you find along the way.  No one likes a litter bug!  Maybe even get a little crazy and recycle what you find.  Be kind to mama earth.

5.  Celebrate the wonderful people in your life.  Call someone who you know would love to hear from you. Go take your Grandma some flowers or buy one of those 'just because it's Tuesday' cards and give it to your sweetheart.  Maybe even take it step further and call that person up who needs your forgiveness or more importantly needs an apology.  Swallow that big fat pill of pride and make room for a little warmth in your heart.

6.  Celebrate your Faith!  Go to church people.  I really need to take my own advice on this one.  We could seriously all use some Jesus in our lives.

7.  Celebrate YOU!  Be that sunshine you seek from others and start with making your own light.  Smile because, thankfully, your body showed up to work today!  Turn on a good song while you make dinner tonight and dance on those wondrous and capable feet of yours while you cook a hearty meal.  Start your day out with loving yourself... this way you will be more capable of fully loving others.

"Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it." -Hardy D. Jackson