In the Name of Love

The dreaded day is coming people.  February 14th is just around the corner. And it seems that most the blogs I have read are doing some pretty heavy bashing on poor ol' Mr. V-day. For the past few years the day of lovers seems to have become the day for people to hate people who have lovers. What a shame.

This Valentine's Day I am going to have the same valentine for the second year in a row and couldn't be more excited. You might be thinking this is the reason I still have mad love for this corny holiday but that is not true. I strutted in the single pumps for a very long time.

Some years I did have dates on v-day but it was never with a boyfriend and that's just not the same. In fact I didn't have my first real boyfriend until last year. I was way more interested in partying and friends to be bothered by some high school boy that had most likely already slept with one of my friends and would just try to tie me down for 2 of my 4 years of high school. No thank you.

This year I am celebrating a love that I patiently waited for and I believe is well deserved.

I can't lie, there were definitely v-days where my heart felt like a small pincushion and every bouquet of flowers without my name on it was one more sewing needle pushed right in but I never resented their love. I've even been in the position of poor Gretchen Wieners when even Glenn CoCo received a candy gram and I sat empty handed. I still rooted for him.

You go GlennCoCo.

What I'm really trying to say is there are ways of celebrating the day of love without staring into the eyes of another over a candle lit dinner. Think about it - it's the day of LOVE not just lovers. And I assume it is pretty safe to say we all have many forms of love in our lives. Remember how fantastic it felt to receive those little store bought valentines in your classroom v-day mailbox?

Even if it was just from your best friend or the boy who sat in the back row and picked his nose it still made you feel pretty damn special. So go pick up a box of Hannah Montana valentines and check off the names on your 'special to me' list. Or get real cheesy and whip out the glitter, construction paper and doilies and make your Grandma something she can stick on the fridge. So what if you're 25... In her eyes you'll always be her baby girl.

Another timeless way to celebrate this day is with your fellow single ladies. Cook a fabulous meal, rock out to some Beyonce, drink too much wine and man bash all night! You can celebrate your hate for men as long as you are also celebrating the joy of friendship! And if you are completely desperate for some action on v-day just make out with one of your girlfriends and the next day blame it on all the vino you guys drank.

Harmless, really.

My point is you can choose to make it a day that shines a light on your unoccupied side of the bed or you can just make it a day of love in general. Curl up on the couch with a friend, family member or beloved pet (even if it is a goldfish) and watch the notebook over a box of tissues.

Just make it a point to laugh through those tears and remember there really is a Noah out there for you somewhere although, let's be honest, probably not quite as perfect but that's okay cause there is a reason he is a movie character. Simply try to fill your day with chocolate, flowers and love! Even if you don't need the calories, ordered the flowers on your own and are simply working on loving yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day.