Lace Yourself with Love

If you were to get a glimpse into my bedroom on a night a little more than a year ago you would most likely have witness a scene that became my lovely ritual for some time.

My favorite black candle would be lit, a lip stamped wine glass on the nightstand, the stereo crooning and i would be wrapped in some sort of black satin or lace concoction. 

Probably waiting for someone to come over, right? Hardly.

One part of the scene I left out is that I was usually surrounded by books, pads of paper and pencils. This was my way of indulging in Me Time. And I suppose it usually included what a lot of womens' me time does: bath, candles, wine, books, music... The only thing a little different in mine was that the lingerie was just as important, sometimes more, than any candle lit or wine sipped.

And lately my me time has been spent in a variation of random t-shirts that I have no idea how I've managed to acquire (we all have a few of those) and mismatching socks. It wasn't until I picked up the recent Victoria's Secret catalogue that I remembered how much I had enjoyed dressing up for myself.

Maybe I'm just crazy but I really did love it. It brought an entirely different level of indulgence into the picture. The best part? When you grow tired of reading your self-help books in bed just get up and put your favorite pumps on, transfer the tunes to the kitchen and dance while you drizzle some chocolate over that Ben & Jerry's.

It may sound a little self-indulgent but this is called ME time, right? And I promise after a night like this the sway in your hips the next day will have the whole office wondering what glorious adventures took place at your pad the night before.

And if all that just sounds like too much then just try sleeping in something slinky once in awhile. Yes, even if you're single (a plus is it usually sets the tone for some unforgettable dreams). And if you're attached? Well, just tell your boyfriend I said you're welcome and I'd be more than happy to accept thank you gifts.

Here are a couple of my fave songs to set the mood:

Feelin Love- Paula Cole

Give it to Me right - Melanie Fiona

Addicted- Saving Abel

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