Fading Soldiers

This is a picture of me and my 20-year-old younger brother David Lee Crow. David Lee is a talented artist, musician and writer and will be the new guest blogger for (my now former blog) WastedYoungHearts.  Let me just express how immensely proud I am of the incredible artist he has become. I love you David Lee.


Every single day, millions of people wake up and put on their man suits. Armys of these robots sit at the designated quarters in

their self-assigned beehive tap tap tapping away at their worker keyboards, blank faced and staring dully forward calculating their days work.

A life-time ritual lived on auto pilot.

A sadistic scheme created and instilled in the minds of the mediocre by the rich and wealthy.

Honestly; how does one grow in a world of such cultured vibrancy and surreal wonder,

A world with a consistent vibe beating through the ages and constantly leaving its trace on the mind

through memories, the present moment, and that which has yet to have happened and STILL slowly become something that

represents everything that is opposite?

We are all canvases, the choices we make and events that occur in our lives decorate our inner and outer image with splattered paint and penciled precision, elegantly exposed and beautiful in our own ways.

With an overwhelming 6 billion people breathing right now at this very moment, I am forced to assume that it is simply the destiny

of many to carry a blank canvas. To exist as a tool, a gear in the machine of humanity and to forever live unaware of the intoxicating

emotion of truly feeling free and infinite.

To have never come to that point in their life in which they will have reached a climaxing realization of potential and ability

that devastates and destroys all negative thoughts and emotions that ever had a slight chance of conquering their goals.

For those who do have this, they are the creators, the composers of their own orchestras, the aspiring and the inspired who

wield this weapon of possibility with confidence and proof. This weapon I speak of is passion, its ammunition is love, and the

battlefield in which it is fired is our lives. With that being said, good luck soldier.

Here are the links to David Lee's music & art projects:

myspace.com/davidleecrow, myspace.com/theirishfront, myspace.com/drugsthemusic