Rainy Boys & Days

I have always cherished the rain. Living in Phoenix it is a rare treasure that always seems to stop by too late and leave too quickly. When it rains the energy of our entire city changes. Children rush to the classroom windows, dogs race through puddles of mud, everyone forgets how to drive and at some point we all just stand beneath it savoring the shower of our dusted lands.

Basically, we turn into a bunch of loony birds from the outside looking in. There is nothing quite like being a part of a desert rain.

Most of the rainy days in my life have been spent single and the majority of those rainy days were spent dwelling on that fact. To me rainy days are more of a painful reminder that you're riding solo than Valentine's Day. I would even do ultra dramatic things like drive in the rain listening to songs about the rain. It was awesome.

But this year I am not single and (excuse the extra cheese) I’m finally seeing the rainbows in the storm. There really is no better feeling than lying with a boy and listening to the rain. To be in love on a rainy day is a gift from God.

There is just something glorious about watching the cold and wet weather while snuggled up next to your love muffin of choice. And as happy as I am I found myself putting in my old 'Rainy Daze' (Yes, that's really the melodramatic title I gave my mix cd) and trying to conjure up some of that old rain funk I used to get in so naturally. It's weird but I kind of missed it. Does that make me a depressive? I don't think so.

Maybe I'm crazy, but, there is something truly lovely about being in a melancholy state on a dreary day. So now my rainy days are dedicated to a mixture of love/nostalgia and I'm loving every miserable and wondrous moment of it.

So whether your rainy days are spent curled in a ball or curled into another just remember to keep the sunshine in your heart. We are all safe there.

"Save a boyfriend for a rainy day- and another in case it doesn't rain."

-Mae West