Banana Love

So I'm currently eating my 5th banana of the week.

This might not seem uncommon to some of you but it is WAY out of left field for me. Probably because I've spent my entire life hating those awful yellow things. But I've decided to eat one banana every day for a week.

Why embark on this gag-filled journey?

Well, one of my biggest pet peeves is a picky eater. I am a total foodie and will pretty much try anything and 9 times out of 10 i enjoy all new things I try. There are just too many wonderful types of food in this world to constantly be ordering chicken fingers and a side of fries (although they are absolutely necessary in some situations).

So back to the nanners -- There are very few things I refuse to eat on this earth and nanners are at the top of the list. To me they are long yellow sticks of ooey-gooey nastiness. Me and bananas are not friends.

I saw this as a problem that needed to be solved. I mean I can't really give anyone crap for not trying new things if I am not willing to change myself. So I decided to start at the top of my list of foods I am not a huge fan of and eat that item once a day for a week. And if after a week of eating them I still don't like them. 

Well, at least then I can say I gave it my best shot. And to tell you the truth, my hate for nanners has significantly decreased after these 5 days. I mean, the first day was terrible. I definitely gagged it down and stomped around like a 2 year old while I ate it BUT i did it! And I know it may be something as silly and small as eating a flipping banana but I am pretty damned proud of myself. Go Me!

I'll let you know how it goes. Only 2 more nanners to go! Next on the list: Cantaloupe. What can I say, I am just a veggie kind of girl.

Oh and how awesome is that picture?! Banana sex. Hysterical.