Hey, hey! My name is Charlotte and I am the blogger/creator of Charlotte's Little Web + Love Yourself Yesterday. I have been blogging about self-love, women empowerment, and my personal journey with body acceptance for almost 10 years. (Seriously, where does the time go?!)

However, creative + journal writing have been a deeply important part of my life for much longer than a decade. Whether I am celebrating a personal victory or attempting to rise above a difficult time, I have always turned to the page for comfort, contemplation, and perspective. 

When I began sharing my writing on various social platforms, I realized I was NOT alone on many of the issues + emotions I was encountering daily. Discovering this was so reassuring! Writing had (once again) offered me a new form of healing + that was by connecting with others through sharing my story. 

When it comes to sharing experiences, I truly believe we all have a unique life story that is worthy of being told. More often than not, it is incredibly scary to put my innermost thoughts + fears down on the page for the public to see. As fearful as it may be, I am more afraid of missing the chance to relate to others + share the undeniable healing powers that come from leaving it ALL on the page!


I started Love Yourself Yesterday to combine my two greatest passions: WORDS + WOMEN. To be more specific, connecting with other women by sharing honest + raw life experiences through written words.

Whenever I have shared a blog or story in the past, my favorite part was hearing from other women (and some men!) that were able to connect to my experience on a personal level. Many of them would express their desire to be able to sit + write down their own versions.

I wish I could express myself like that..I just don't know how to write..I feel awkward when I pick up a journal..I don't know what to say or where to start..

These, among other concerns, seem to be what stand in the way of so many people sharing their stories or reflecting + understanding their emotions on a deeper level. After hearing this for many years, I realized that writing + sharing my stories was not enough to inspire others to do the same. I needed to find a new way. Voilá! - the Love Yourself Yesterday project was born!

HOMEWORK FOR THE HEART. That is the best way I can explain it. Through a series of journal prompts, writing tips + a weekly blog I've written for reference, I will help guide you to the heart of your true feelings. You can join this for personal entertainment, content creation for a personal project, or just private emotional healing. Whatever your reason to start may be, my goal is to help get those unique, fragile stories out of you + on the page!

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