Hey, hey! My name is Charlotte and I have been blogging about self-love, women empowerment, and my personal journey with body acceptance for 10+ years on various social platforms. (Seriously, where does the time go?!) I am now a mother of two little ones, Ozzie + Jo, and I am happy to start sharing my journeys in motherhood on the blog!

Whether I am celebrating a personal victory or attempting to rise above a difficult time, I have always turned to the page for comfort, contemplation, and perspective. 

When I began sharing my writing, I realized I was NOT alone on many of the issues + emotions I was encountering daily. Discovering this was so reassuring! Writing had (once again) offered me a new form of healing by connecting with others through my posts. This connection is what fuels me to continue to find the courage to be vulnerable when sharing my stories.

I truly believe we all have a unique life story that is worthy of being told. It can be incredibly difficult to put my innermost thoughts + fears down on the page for the public to see. As fearful as it may be, I am more afraid of missing the chance to share the undeniable healing powers that come with leaving it ALL on the page.