Charlotte's Little Web is a blog dedicated to those who seek and share inspiration from the mysterious, comical & beautiful things that get caught in the strands of life's web.

By sharing personal experiences and discussing day-to-day issues, I hope to help my readers (and myself!) discover new levels of self-love and increase personal self-worth.  

My greatest hope for this blog is that it feels like a place where everyone is encouraged to be unapologetically themselves.  I try my best to make it a place to come to connect with others, and myself, who are fearlessly embracing their perfectly imperfect journeys.

'Cast A Web Worth Weaving' represents the need to leave an impression on this world by discovering our passions and putting them to work.  More importantly, it is the hope that the story we leave behind will come from a place so sincere within us, that even in our absence it will continue to plant seeds of encouragement in any and all that come across it.

Our life is our web.  No matter who attempts to tear it down or whatever destruction a storm may leave, we will always have the choice—and the ability—to rebuild. 

This is my web.  It is molded by mistakes and sticky with regret, but it is held together by truth.  A truth that took awhile to find and hard work to keep.  Whether you choose to observe it, embrace it—or just discard it—I can only hope that in some way it inspires you to find your own.






Writing, spicy food, red wine and good books are what get me out of bed.  Math, Tex-Mex, decaf and alarm clocks are not.

I'm a farmer's daughter and a fourth-generation Arizona native.  (Translation: If it's under 70 degrees, this girl is gonna need a coat.)

My parents are some of the best people you will ever hope to know, as well as my biggest inspiration for pursuing my dreams.  They also make the best freaking goat cheese in the universe (totally unbiased opinion) so please go support them here.  Plus, my momma posts a ton of baby goat pictures for your ooo-ing and ahh-ing pleasure.  They look like overgrown bunnies—you'll freak, I promise.

I am also a girlfriend, sister, granddaughter, aunt, niece, cousin and best friend.  These titles are what bring pure joy into my life.  These titles are also what make me want to pull my hair out at times.  Either way, I wouldn't give them up for the world.  

I love my life.  And I mean that in the least Lifetime movie way possible.  My life is messy, undecided and sometimes frustrating.   But it's all mine.  

It is also full of love, beer-through-your-nose kind of laughter and people who think I am fun and worthy of their time.  They even laugh at my jokes once in awhile!  I have surrounded myself with people that have no problem believing in the person I am or supporting the one I aspire to be.

I can only hope that I can be all, or even some, of these things to the people that I encounter in life.  Whether we meet in-person or you just happen to be browsing on the web, if my words are able to offer a deeper thought or genuine smile, then my job is well on its way to being done.